My name is Lynee’ Belton and I am the founder of One of a K;nd Foundation Inc. Growing up, I was always someone who extended my arms out to others, no matter the situation. My goal is to continue to extend my arms out with this organization, especially to those suffering from mental illnesses. I recently graduated from Duke University (c/o 2018) with a bachelors in Evolutionary Anthropology and a minor in Psychology. My senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses but did not know how to navigate or manage myself. During my four years at Duke I also played on the collegiate women’s basketball team. As obstacles and stress kept building I eventually lost who I was. However, after being in college and speaking to many people I realized I was not alone and there were many people with a similar mental health story. 

As time went on, I started to witness that by sharing my personal story and spreading awareness a lot of people found the ability to share their story as well. By starting this cohort, I want to continue to spread awareness for mental illnesses and prevent suicide in any way that I can. There is absolutely no judgement here, of you or your story, but rather ways to show how to get through this challenge. I hope to provide resources for you and your loved ones to feel like you can manage these times better. 

And lastly, as I was facing my battles during college I started drawing smiley faces on my wrist. I did this so that when I looked at my wrist, I would instantly smile and remind myself that there were reasons to continue living. The semi-colon is a national representation for suicide survivors and a sign of support. My tattoo on my wrist is a symbol of the two combined, and a reminder to myself and you that we can do this. 

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