Check out some of the people and organizations that I have worked with to share my own story.


The Hidden Opponent

Lynee' Belton: Finding My Way

Read about my journey with depression and anxiety through college and facing injuries. 

Warning: Suicide is discussed. 


You're One of a Kind

We are kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month by discussing the impact of sharing your story with Lynee' Belton. Lynee' played basketball at Duke University and faced injury after injury and struggles with depression and anxiety during her career. Graduating just three years ago, she gives some great perspectives on what she would have done differently in terms of her mental health and dealing with injuries. Since graduating she has started the One of a Kind Foundation where she shares stories of those struggling with mental illness to help bring awareness and end the stigma.

Youtube Interview

What’s Your Purpose? | After The Ball Deflates w/ Former Duke Player Lynee Belton and Jasiah Scott

Life After Sports: Lynee Belton. Listen to me talk about my journey, facing injuries and retiring from basketball during her senior year.

Website Article

Athlete's Unheard

Title: Former Duke Student-Athlete Lynee Belton On Her Decision To Walk Away From Basketball

Podcast Feature (The Mental Matchup)

Lynee´'s Story

Listen to me talk about my experiences with anxiety in high school, being a top-rated basketball recrruit at Duke, both playing while at Duke and multiple injuries she faced, and her journey since. We discuss her depression and anxiety, her mental health journey and where she is now.

Warning: Self harm and suicide are discussed in this episode. 

Spotify Link

Podcast Feature (Lifting the Mask)

Pouring from an Empty Cup- Lynee's Story

Listen to how I discuss working in an emergency department during the pandemic and how this effected my mental health.

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Podcast Feature (The Lost Sister)

Dealing with mental illness

Today I sat down and talked with Ms. Lynee´ Belton. As we sat and talked about her dealing with mental illness and her up and coming non-profit organization One of Kind Foundation Inc.

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