Season 2


Queen Szymoniak

Listen to Queen discuss her childhood, navigating through her parents divorce, moving to a new country, finding a new niche, being bullied and eventually finding herself and her safe haven. Throughout her journey she was able to reflect on her story and knew she wanted to share other stories that involved mental health and created her own podcast “The Butterfly Effect”.

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Sydney Umeri

Listen to Sydney talk about her journey throughout college with her mental health. Throughout her story, Sydney transferred to another college and started prioritizing her mental health better which allowed her to play like the player she once knew. 


Maddy Price

Listen to Maddy talk about her journey to the Tokyo Olympics. Maddy discusses her success with seeing a sports psychologist, tracking her habits and even battling an injury within the last couple of years. She did not let these obstacles and many others stop her from accomplishing one of her dreams. Maddy shares how she learned how to address these trials head on to only make her stronger mentally and physically.


Kyla McMakin

Listen to Kyla discuss her battle with finding out about her diagnoses of anxiety and bipolar disorder during college. Kyla discusses that Longwood University, where she currently attends school and plays Women's Basketball, saved her life. Kyla is now dominating in life and in basketball but also still learning herself and how to adjust one day at a time. 


JoJo (Yoyo) Burstein

Listen to jojo (yoyo) talk about her journey with the grief of both parents. In November of 2021 jojo loss her dad suddenly due to physical health, however she had already been dealing with the loss of her mother due to mental health. Jojo talks about what the different types of griefs for each parent has meant for her. She also discusses how she is coping with her father being physically gone but her mother being physically here in the world but mentally not with jojo. 

Jojo also shares information her nonprofit that she started called needs for beads. IG: needs.for.beads


Brandon Coleman

Listen to Soul Cole, also known as Brandon Coleman talk about how adversity within his sports career led him to where he is today, trying to help others with their mental health. Soul Cole is a former NFL player that had to face sitting out his freshman year of college, not getting immediately drafted and landing a free agency contract, two surgeries within his NFL career and eventually deciding to retire to put his mind and body first. Soul Cole currently is a wellness consultant that helps others specializing in sound healing, meditation and other techniques.

IG: b_col