Season 1

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Oderah Chidom (Professional Basketball Player)

Listen to Oderah talk about her journey with struggling with confidence at times throughout her career as she strives to be the best athlete that she can.


Emily Perrin (Former Collegiate Soccer Player) 

Emily writes about her journey with mental health, specifically her anxiety. Throughout the years, Emily's anxiety has made her focus on her mental health as a whole focusing on her body, mind and soul all together rather than individually. Once she was in a better head space, she wanted to create this same space for other athletes.


Jake Lawler (Former Collegiate Football Player)

Listen to Jake take about his journey with depression as early as middle school. As things progressed in high school and college, he found his light through the people that mean the most to him.


Hailee Hoffman (Former Collegiate Gymnast) 

Listen to Hailee talk about her story detailing how she coped with depression since high school. As she started to prepare for a new life at Stanford University as a collegiate gymnast, she realized her mental health would be with her no matter where she was in the world.


Halle Hunt (Professional Volleyball Player) 

Read about Halle and how her anxiety and depression eventually led to physical complications. Due to the physical issues she had developed, she needed to step away from volleyball for a small timeframe because she was not able to perform to the best of her ability. Going through her own experience and hearing from others through a senior project, she was able to know she was not alone struggling in the athlete community.


Chloe´ Maleski  (Former Collegiate Cross Country Runner)

Listen to Chloe´ talk about how running was always her identity until college. Due to stress, injuries and other factors that impacted her mental health, her performance started to slowly relegate and she did not know why. Because of her journey and experiences, she is now creating a safe space for athletes so that they are ready for the next level in their sport and in life.


Chelsea Hamlet (Former Collegiate Cheerleader)

Listen to Chelsea talk about her journey being a dancer and a cheerleader in high school and college. She goes into depth about how at times she struggled with her body image, disordered eating and an eating disorder.


Jillian and Jenna Ferraro 

Read about how two sisters Jillian and Jenna changed their life around. Jillian is a retired collegiate softball player and Jenna is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Together they created Keeping Fit Real, a company that focus on gut health. However, as they embarked on their journey they realized that their gut health has a huge contribution to their mental health also.


Damani Neal (Former Collegiate Football Player)

Listen to Damani talk about the pressure that was set upon him with playing football most of his life, adjusting and transitioning from high school to collegiate sports and finding his identity outside of football.